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In Memory of "Gunner"

This is “Gunner”. He was a big, burly, tough biker. Once, at a biker meeting, he wore a pink t-shirt and tierra. No one dared to comment.

In 2009, Gunner was killed when a pickup truck pulled out, in front of him. This website is dedicated to Gunner and Share the Road. We welcome your input, questions, and involvement. Thank you for visiting, and come-on, get involved.

You might have seen one of our Share the Road trailers. Our trailers are available to show at your event. The trailer is loaned at no charge to qualified events.

A Banner Year 


We will be glad to lend you one of our eye-catching banners for approved events and locations. Both the trailer and the banners primary missions are to remind car, truck and bus drivers to look out for motorcycles.

(If you are interested in having the banner to use at your event, click on banner for more information)

Our Story

ABATE of Oklahoma has developed, staffed and equipped our Share the Road program. Share the Road takes motorcycle awareness training directly to the other drivers. Here you can learn about our different programs: cars & light trucks, buses, and big rig trucks. You can also find information on our “Through Their Eyes” program that shows motorcyclists why other drivers have difficulties seeing motorcycles, and what motorcyclists can do to avoid limitations of cars, buses and tractor trailers. We show you what it takes to become a certified instructor. So, please browse our site. If you have questions, want to learn more about a presentation for your organization, please see our list of "Contacts" below.

Coming to a Yard Near You

In 2018, we will have a limited number of our new yard signs available. If you see one of our yard signs, please e-mail or text Radar a photo of the yard sign in its new home.


Tribute to a Fallen Biker

Today, people are visually oriented, for example: YouTube, Facebook, smart phone cameras. It is no longer effective to tell a story, you have to show the story. If you want to drive home a point, you must use visual tools. So, how do you imprint on a driver's mind the need to look out for and respect motorcycles? We not only tell them a story about killing motorcyclists, we show them a real example from a car verses motorcycle collision.


ABATE of Oklahoma needs you -

      We have an elite team of instructors to teach Share the Road safety and Awareness programs to schools, companies and other organizations. Select men and women will travel throughout Oklahoma teaching our courses.

     The instructors are selected from different regions throughout Oklahoma, to minimize travel time and expenses. Instructors are supplied handout materials, computers and LCD projectors, as well as instructor’s patch and shirt.
Instructor Requirements:

  • Be a current member of ABATE of Oklahoma.
  • Own a presentable motorcycle (sorry – no rat bikes)
  • The motorcycle must be clean and meet all safety standards as the motorcycle will be displayed for the students, if allowed by the school.
  • Possess a valid “M” endorsement.
  • Pass a criminal background check to verify no sex offenses (required by education boards – same background check as for teachers).
  • Complete an intense training course.
  • Must instruct a minimum of one class a year (more if staffing demands require it).
  • Wear all the safety gear to presentations.
  • Be presentable (clean boots and clothes)


      ABATE of Oklahoma - Share the Road Committee

• Chairman - Lotus Elayne Dunn     phone/text: (405) 318-5593 


                 12004 E. Young Road, Midwest City, OK 73130
• Vice Chairman - Art 'Pipemaker" Ryan     phone/text:  (816) 807-2547


• Request for presentation information - (918) 807-2547


• Request for donation information - (918) 852-6872


          ABATE of Oklahoma

          PO Box 23616

          Oklahoma City, OK  73123

MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation)

          1325 G Street NW Suite 500

          Washington DC 20005

          (202) 546-0983

Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO)

          3223 N Lincoln Blvd

          Oklahoma City, OK 73105

          (405) 523-1570

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